Our Services


As part of its government relations/lobbying service, Komjathy and Kean monitors and advises clients on all legislative and regulatory activities. The firm will develop a legislative and regulatory issues file, track all legislation of interest to clients and provide them with timely updates. Clients are notified regarding newly introduced legislation or proposed regulations that may concern them.

Komjathy and Kean will develop and implement an effective strategy action plan to push forward the client's agenda.

The firm is comprised of experienced Trenton lobbyists who will testify at legislative committee meetings on behalf of clients as well as coordinate meetings, telephone calls and correspondence with key contacts in the New Jersey state legislature, governor's office, regulatory agencies and, if necessary, with congressional leaders in Washington, D.C. Additionally, Komjathy and Kean when relevant build coalitions to move legislative and regulatory issues forward through the governmental process.

The firm represents many organizations including Fortune 500 corporations and other large business interests, public entities, trade associations and non profits.

Komjathy and Kean engage in bipartisan representation that enables your company to interact with the relevant decision-makers in the highest levels of state, county and municipal government. The firm also possesses contacts in all of New Jersey's major trade associations covering business, healthcare and various other sectors of the Garden State's economy.

By providing a practical and political evaluation of the landscape and sustaining a constant and focused presence among key New Jersey stakeholders, Komjathy and Kean will maximize your organization's ability to compete and expand business in New Jersey.


Whether we are working our way through the permitting process, or delivering a change in a regulation, Komjathy and Kean know how to make things happen. We work with numerous State agencies on a regular basis assisting our clients in achieving desired results. Our years of experience dealing with State government enable us to get the job done.


Looking to do business in New Jersey? Komjathy and Kean can help. We assist many clients by opening the right doors, cutting thru the red tape, and placing your company in front of the decision makers. We also will honestly assess your chances of success so you don't waste your time or money on plans that won't work.